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ELKON on-site concrete batching plants make it possible to produce concrete economically even for small projects that require small quantity of concrete. As it can be commissioned within 1 hour, it is possible to produce concrete wherever needed.

Why on-site concrete batching plant?
  • High mobility
  • Installation within 1 hour without crane
  • Highest productivity on given capacity
  • High quality and precise concrete production
  • No requirement for concrete foundation
  • Production on-site and pour directly in small scale projects
  • Saving on concrete transportation cost
ELKON compact concrete batching plants were designed to be easily and economically transported to overseas. Thanks to its modular and pre-assembled structure, it provides all the advantages of the mobile concrete batching plants.

Why compact concrete batching plant?
  • Quick and easy installation (only 1-2 days)
  • Cost effective sea and land transportation
  • Possibility of installation on a confined space
  • Quick and easy relocation
  • Flexibility in the configuration
  • Minimum foundation cost
The main unit of ELKON mobile concrete batching plants is designed and installed on a mono-block chassis which is equipped with axle and tires. Thus it can be easily transported by towing by a truck trailer. Thanks to its pre-assembled structure, mobile concrete batching plants can be installed in a very short period of time (1-2 days) on a simple concrete foundation and get easily ready for concrete production.

Why mobile concrete batching plant?
  • Quick and easy installation (1-2 days)
  • Cost-effective transportation
  • Quick and easy relocation
  • Minimum foundation cost
  • No requirement for a special installation permission
ELKON stationary concrete batching plants are mostly preferred for projects which require relatively high concrete production capacity and will take place for a long period of time in the same location.

Why stationary concrete batching plant?
  • High production capacity
  • Easy operation and maintenance in wide areas
  • High efficiency
  • Flexibility in configuration
  • Conformity with special site layouts
Readymix concrete batching plants are used for concrete production of all kinds of projects such as roads, dams, building etc.

ELKON's product range includes stationary concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants, compact concrete batching plants and on-site concrete batching plants that can be selected according to project type, location and capacity requirement.

Please contact us for the most suitable concrete batching plant solution you need.
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