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ELKON, with its tailor made precast concrete plants commissioned all over the world, offers high quality solutions for precast industry wherever concrete is needed.

ELKON precast concrete batching plants are used for production of precast concrete products such as concrete pipes, concrete paving blocks, hollowcore, etc. They can be equipped with one mixer or more in various capacities and can be specially designed according to factory layout, product type and concrete transfer method.

ELKON precast concrete batching plants general features:
    Custom-tailored solution to accommodate exact needs of project
    Custom-made design according to factory layout
    Completely customizable concrete transfer system
    High weighing accuracy
    Optimized concrete production and concrete transfer for the project with special automation system
    Continuous and high quality concrete production

To get more details about the advanced manufacturing technology and the components of ELKON Concrete Batching Plants, please visit our Why Should I Prefer ELKON? Page.


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  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
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  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants
  • ELKON Precast Concrete Batching Plants

With its vast experience in the design, production and technology of concrete batching plants, ELKON has been manufacturing custom-made precast concrete plants for various applications like from heavy concrete coating of steel pipes to the production of hollowcore; from the production of concrete sleepers to the production of special concrete precast panels.

Planetary or twin shaft mixers are being used for the production of low-slump or zero-slump concrete to reach the highest production performance and mixture homogeneity.

ELKON precast concrete batching plants can be equipped with a single mixer or specially designed to have double  or even more mixers in one concrete plant.

Depending on the capacity, planetary mixers can be designed to have more than one discharge gate in order to discharge concrete for different applications. Also, ready mix concrete production and truck mixer feeding is possible.

ELKON has been producing various capacities planetary mixers in its integrated production facilities for many years to be used in precast concrete plants. ELKON planetary mixers are produced by the combination of ELKON engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies with heavy duty gearbox from Italy, hydraulic unit from Italy, Hardox-SSAB linings from Sweden. ELKON planetary mixers draw attention with their robustness and high performance in different applications with high homogeneity mixing and long-lasting wearing parts.

ELKON Planetary Mixers

For more information about the ELKON planetary mixers, please check the relevant section.

ELKON Twin Shaft Mixers

For more details about ELKON twin shaft mixers, please check the relevant section.

With the special automation system developed by ELKON, many parameters of the concrete such as moisture content, temperature, slump value etc. can be controlled precisely. On the other hand, ELKON engineers have developed and patented the accurate weighing gate equipped with elastic suspension system. This system makes it possible to get exact required quantity of materials with maximum accuracy from any aggregate storage bins.

Accurate Weighing Gate with Elastic Suspension System

Please contact with us to get the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your project from our wide product range including wet and dry type color dosing systems, fiber dosing systems, manual sampling system, high speed concrete travelling bucket, accurate aggregate weighing gate, concrete transfer conveyors, ground bucket, concrete travelling bucket and many more products.


The Powerful Concrete Plant ELKOMIX-120 Started Up in France
Author : Elkon / Date : 2019-03-27
Located in Paris, the concrete mixing plant ELKOMIX-120 has started recently. The plant will produce concrete, concrete blocks and concrete with recycled products for the Greater Paris project. This plant is distinguished by an additional equipment that gives great comfort when using, better control of production and better control of the quality of concrete. The plant is equipped with a 2m3 (3000/2000 L) mixer with a production capacity of up to 110 m3/h for a mixing time of twenty ...
Special Design Concrete Batching Plant for Poland
Author : Elkon / Date : 2019-03-27
ELKON started a new business partnership by supplying ELKOMIX-60 stationary concrete batching plant to European leading supplier of track superstructure materials for highspeed railways. Polish company which is one of the biggest high-quality certified sleeper producers with many years of experience is the supplier of half of the track sleepers and the products of rail network in Poland. ELKON’s tailor made precast concrete plant along with high speed concrete travelling bucket is ...
Tailor Made Precast Concrete Plant in Melbourne, Australia
Author : Elkon / Date : 2018-02-19
ELKON proudly announces the commissioning of the new concrete batching plant for the production of concrete pipes, which is the second concrete plant for its Australian customer. For a new factory in the city of Melbourne, the customer chose the tailor made precast concrete batching plant ELKOMIX-90 PL, configuration of which resembles the plant installed in Sydney as the first of the customer, who is a major player in the market of precast productions of the country. Starting ...
Custom Made Precast Concrete Plant for Pipe Production in Sydney
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-12-02
ELKON has manufactured and supplied a unique concrete batching plant ordered by one of the largest producer of concrete pipes in Australia by the innovative casting methods. The project was prepared meticulously and organized to meet specific requirements of the customer in the sense of aggregate feeding and supplying of concrete to the rotate moulds. After detailed technical discussion, ELKOMIX-90 Concrete Batching Plant was designed for the Australian customer by taking into ...
ELKON Mix Master-30 Inspire Clients to Act
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-07-11
As a result of the enhanced quality and technological improvements which have substantial impact on the business of our clients, ELKON one more time became the choice of contractors in Poland. Thanks to the client oriented and innovative solutions, the number of the companies which meet the ELKON quality is increasing day by day. The latest model On Site Concrete Batching Plant ELKON MIX MASTER-30 became the choice of the polish contractor for the production of the ...
New Precast Concrete Plant to France
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-05-15
French Company is specialized in ready-mix and precast concrete production with combined resources to offer unmatched technical expertise for new product development. Taking into the consideration of the requirements of the client, Elkomix-60 Quick Master PL Concrete Batching Plant with Aggregate Prefeeding System was supplied to the client to be able to design and manufacture of high-performance precast concrete products. ELKON showed its experience and design capabilities ...
Precast Concrete Plant for Rooftile Factory
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-04-19
ELKON, with 41 years of experience and the ability to design, produce and install precast concrete batching plants designed to produce high quality conrete suitable for different applications, becomes a business partner with leading brick manufacturer in Turkey for their new investment to produce concrete rooftile. The required concrete can be produced without any need for human interfererence by fully automated production line that the rooftile machine is connected to the Elkomix-60 ...
New Model, Mix Master-30 is Being Used for Block Production in UK
Author : Elkon / Date : 2015-11-13
The construction of new buildings by demolishing old buildings in United Kingdom gained momentum in recent years. To be able to reuse the rubble resulting from the demolition of old buildings, organic materials, metal materials and building materials etc. are separated in recycling plants and the separated materials are being reused according to the type of them. Materials such as concrete and tile pieces coming out after this separation are reprocessed in crushing and ...
Buildings Are Rising In Dubai With The Quality Of Elkon
Author : Elkon / Date : 2015-10-01
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants is continuing its sales in Dubai which is known with its most prestigious and impossible to succeed projects defined by expressions like world’s biggest, world’s largest and first in the world etc. Our company which is the solution partner of the special projects with its 40 years of experience has just added a new concrete plant for precast in the region. Elkomix-90 PL Concrete Batching Plant which is designed especially for the factory of ...
High-Speed Concrete Travelling Bucket
Author : Elkon / Date : 2015-07-07
The usage areas of the prefabricated concrete elements which are produced from high-quality concrete in the construction industry are increasing day by day. Many precast products like concrete paving, concrete pipes, prefabricated elements (columns, beams, etc.), hollow concrete slabs panels, prefabricated walls, rail way sleepers, are produced in specially designed concrete production plants and transported to their application areas as being ready to use. The type ...
ELKON “The Pride of Turkish Machinery Sector” is in Dubai
Author : Elkon / Date : 2008-11-10
Elkon who is the leader concrete bathing plant manufacturer and exporter in Turkey continues his growing exportations inspite of the world-wide economic crisis. Recently Elkon has installed and started up 1 unit Elkomix-60 Fully Automatic Stationary Concrete Batching Plant in Dubai successfully and represented Turkey Machinery Sector successfully in Dubai which is the one of the most important trade center of Middle East. Elkon designed ...
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