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MIX MASTER-3030 m³/h

The latest design of ELKON innovation team, ELKON MIX MASTER-30 On-site Concrete Batching Plant, makes it possible to produce concrete wherever needed according to international standards in a very economical way even for small projects that require relatively small quantity of concrete.
ELKON Mix Master-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant which can be ready for concrete production within 1 hour in wherever concrete is required, provides the following advantages:

    - Quick installation without crane and quick relocation (only 1 hour)
    - No need for any concrete foundation
    - Installation on a very small space
    - Transportable by towing on roads
    - Cost effective shipping to overseas (can be fit into 1 unit 40’OT Container along with the bag cement feeding system)
    - No permission required for concrete production
    - Allowing concrete production on site, significantly reduces the concrete transportation cost
    - High quality and precise concrete production

To get more details about the advanced manufacturing technology and the components of ELKON Concrete Batching Plants, please visit our Why Should I Prefer ELKON? Page.

Mixer Types
Production Types


Capacity 30 m3/h 39 yd3/h
The Capacity of Aggregate Silo 2x5 m3 or 4x5 m3 2x6,5 yd3 or 4x6,5 yd3
The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh Hopper Aggregate is weighing in mixer Aggregate is weighing in mixer
Loading Type of Aggregate to the Mixer Transfer Conveyor Transfer Conveyor
Mixer Capacity 750/500 l. 1 / 0,7 yd3
Mixer Type Pan / Planetary Pan / Planetary
Cement Weighing Capacity 300 kg 661 lb
Water Weighing Capacity 200 kg 441 lb
Additive Weighing Capacity 1x25 l (for 1 Type Chemical Additive) 1x6,6 gal (for 1 Type Chemical Additive)
Control System Included Included
Operator Cabinet -
Cement Screw Diameter (Ø) Ø 165 mm 6 in
Compressor Included Included



All components of the on-site concrete Batching Plant, including aggregate storage bins, pan / planetary mixer, cement, water and additive weighing hoppers, water pump, control panel and power board are installed on a single trailer chassis equipped with axle and tires. Thus, ELKON MIX MASTER-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant can be installed on a very small space and can be ready for concrete production within 1 hour. Moreover, there is no need for crane to install ELKON Mix Master-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant. Therefore, it allows concrete production in anywhere concrete is required.

Thanks to precise weigh hoppers and automation system which fully controls concrete production process, it is possible to produce concrete according to the international standards.

ELKON MIX MASTER-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant can be equipped with either pan or planetary mixer and either 2 or 4 compartments of aggregate with the storage capacity of 5 m³ each as per the customer’s requirements.

ELKON Mix Master-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant can be directly accompanied with mobile or stationary concrete pumps. Moreover, it can discharge concrete into truck mixer by means of an optional concrete discharge belt.

Depending on the cement supply conditions, bag and/or big bag cement feeding system or cement silo can be used with ELKON Mix Master-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant.


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Mix Master 30 On-Site Batching Plant for Polish Construction Company
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Being in Poland’s concrete market for more than a decade, ELKON supplied many concrete plants to the country collaborating with Polish representative. Recently new Mix Master-30 on-site concrete mixing plant supplied to a construction company that produces concrete fences and does the job of paving stone laying. They were looking for a high quality and durable machine in order to produce concrete to put under their paving. This machine had to be mobile to be shifted easily from one ...
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One of the leader company in Abuja which engages real estate construction along with the production of concrete products such as ready mix concrete, concrete pipes, precast concrete walls, concrete blocks, concrete curbs and interlock stones first met with ELKON in 2011. The company ordered their first 2 concrete plants in 2011, which are 1 unit ELKOMIX-35 Quick Master with Pan Mixer for ready-mix production and 1 unit ELKOMIX-35 Quick Master with Planetary Mixer for ...
New Destination : Thailand
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ELKON continues to expand its sales all around the world. On this occasion, with a new concrete plant sold to Thailand, total number of countries that has ELKON concrete plants has reached to 110. The latest design of ELKON, Mix Master-30 On-Site Concrete Batching Plant is the first choice of Thai road building company thanks to its great advantages of being ready for concrete production in an hour and not requiring for crane or concrete foundation for its installation. With ...
Choice of Ethiopian Contractors
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One of the high-grade contractor companies in Ethiopia has just started to use Mix Master-30, ELKON’s newest on-site concrete batching plant along with Elkopomp S45 Trailer Type Concrete Pump. Incredibly mobile ELKON Mix Master-30 On Site Concrete Plant can be discharged vibrated concrete into truck mixer or concrete pump by means of its movable chute. Moreover, the plant is equipped with 4 aggregate bins enabling to use 4 kinds of aggregate and sand material to produce high quality ...
ELKON has an Option for All Construction Project
Author : Elkon / Date : 2017-05-29
In Ghana, a construction company, which is looking for a moderately small capacity, flexible concrete batching plant which is allowing to make concrete production in various job sites, was searching a small concrete batching plant to fulfill his requirements with an affordable investment. A great chance of the client, we had just designed such flexible concrete batching plant on those days, which is ELKON MIX MASTER-30 On Site Concrete Batching Plant. The company has a ...
Elkon’s Mix Master-30 Concrete Plant Started To Operate In Kenya
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ELKON’s latest model MIX MASTER-30 which has already gained a huge success among the users and continues to attract the industry. Kenyan company which is fast growing and very reputable engineering company and contractor for civil works started to use MIX MASTER-30 on site concrete batching plant. The plant is equipped with bag cement feeding system and concrete discharge belt to transfer vibrated concrete from mixer discharge to truck mixer. The plant has been ...
German Producer Expanded His Equipment Fleet with MIX MASTER-30
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-08-08
In the city of Mengkofen, Bavaria province, Germany, a company with its factory established on an area of more than 20,000 m² with various production activities that range from the sales of construction materials and natural decorative stone to production of precast block, has expanded its equipment fleet with Mix Master-30 on-site concrete batching plant. After being informed about Mix Master-30 which was exhibited in BAUMA fair in Munich in recent months, the company ...
ELKON Mix Master-30 Inspire Clients to Act
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As a result of the enhanced quality and technological improvements which have substantial impact on the business of our clients, ELKON one more time became the choice of contractors in Poland. Thanks to the client oriented and innovative solutions, the number of the companies which meet the ELKON quality is increasing day by day. The latest model On Site Concrete Batching Plant ELKON MIX MASTER-30 became the choice of the polish contractor for the production of the ...
Belgian Contractor prefers Mix Master-30 in Mali
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-05-17
2 units of Mix Master-30 On Site Concrete Batching Plant were supplied to Belgian contractor company with Malian partner in the frame work of the infrastructure projects which is carried out in Republic of Mali. As client's requirement's like frequent relocation, concrete production in a short period of time, high mobility and quick start up pertiod within 1 hour were met with Mix Master-30 On Site Concrete Batching Plant, ELKON became the first choice of the customer with its ...
ELKON was Major Focus of BAUMA 2016
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ELKON Concrete Batching Plants presented an exclusive overview of the product and service portfolio with its innovative products, inspired its visitors from all over the world at BAUMA 2016 in Munich-Germany. ELKON displayed advanced technologies that boost productivity and efficiency with its 3 different Concrete Batching Plants ELKOMIX-35 QUICK MASTER Compact Concrete Batching Plant, MOBILE MASTER -135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant and ELKON MIX MASTER-30 Mobile ...
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BAUMA, the world's largest construction machinery fair, 31 edition this year, opening its doors on April 11 in Munich, Germany. ELKON has been leading the industry by innovative products exhibited at BAUMA fair for many years. This year by exhibiting 3 different concrete batching plants and the latest innovations, ELKON is planing to draw all the attention again. ELKON, Europe’s leading concrete batching plant manufacturer with its impressive advanced technology production ...
New Model, Mix Master-30 is Being Used for Block Production in UK
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The construction of new buildings by demolishing old buildings in United Kingdom gained momentum in recent years. To be able to reuse the rubble resulting from the demolition of old buildings, organic materials, metal materials and building materials etc. are separated in recycling plants and the separated materials are being reused according to the type of them. Materials such as concrete and tile pieces coming out after this separation are reprocessed in crushing and ...
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