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ELKON Mobil Master-135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant provides high production capacity along with all the advantages of a mobile concrete batching plant. It has 110 m3/h vibrated concrete production capacity with 4500/3000 l. twin shaft mixer.
Besides 4x22,5 m³ capacity square type aggregate bin, 4x20 m³ capacity linear type aggregate bin option is also available which is equipped with axles and tires.
ELKON Mobile Master-135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant provides the following advantages to its users:

-Quick and easy installation (only 1-2 days)
-Cost-effective transportation (the main unit can be transported by one truck trailer)
-Due to the special design, it can be installed on a confined space
-Quick and easy jobsite relocation
-Low foundation cost (installation is on a flat concrete surface)
-Minimizes the concrete transportation cost and environmental impact as well
-Easy maintenance and low operating cost
-High production performance with optimized automation system

To get more details about the advanced manufacturing technology and the components of ELKON Concrete Batching Plants, please visit our Why Should I Prefer ELKON? Page.

Mixer Types
Aggregate Bin Types
Aggregate Transfer Types
Production Types


Capacity 110 m3/h 144 yd3/h
The Capacity of Aggregate Silo 4x22,5 m3 4x29 yd3
The Capacity of Aggregate Weigh Hopper 6600 kg 14550 lb
Loading Type of Aggregate to the Mixer Transfer Conveyor Transfer Conveyor
Mixer Capacity 4500 / 3000 l 6 / 4 yd3
Mixer Type Twin Shaft Twin Shaft
Cement Weighing Capacity 1600 kg 3527 lb
Water Weighing Capacity 900 kg 1984 lb
Additive Weighing Capacity 2x25 l 2x6,6 gal
Control System SIEMENS or ABB (PLC - PC) SIEMENS or ABB (PLC - PC)
Operator Cabinet Included (Built in) Included (Built-in)
Cement Screw Diameter (Ø) Ø 273 mm 10 in
Compressor Included Included



After realizing the growing need for mobility and flexibility day by day in the concrete and construction sector, ELKON has designed and produced the first mobile concrete batching plant in Turkey 20 years ago.Until now, from Canada to Germany, from England to South Africa, more than 700 units of ELKON mobile concrete batching plants were installed in more than 100 countries and carry on concrete production in the important projects.

The main unit of ELKON Mobile Concrete Batching Plants is designed on a mono-block chassis which is equipped with axle and tires and therefore the main unit can be transported by one truck trailer.

ELKON Mobile Master-135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant can be equipped with 4x22,5 m3 capacity square type aggregate bin or 4x20 m3 capacity inline type aggregate bin .

Like the all other models of ELKON Mobile Master Series, when the square type aggregate bin is used, the main unit can be transported by only one truck trailer. In this option, 4 different types of aggregates can be stored in the aggregate bin and the aggregate feeding system can be done either by concrete ramp or optional automated aggregate feeding system (eliminates concrete ramp requirement).

Linear type aggregate bin is equipped with its own axle and tires separately from the main unit. When linear type aggregate bin is chosen, main unit and the linear type aggregates bin can be separately towed and transported by 1 truck trailer each.


Elkomix-240 and JAGUAR concrete plants for Pacific Highway Project, Australia
Author : Elkon / Date : 2019-03-27
VINCI Group, one of the world's leading construction companies merged with SEYMOUR WHYTE CONSTRUCTION in 2017, which was founded by John Seymour and Garry Whyte in 1987. Seymour Whyte Construction, which has pioneered the construction of lots of bridges, roads, infrastructures and many other important projects since its establishment, has added the Pacific Highway Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B) improvement project to its resume. The project involves upgrading the motorway to the Class M ...
Author : Elkon / Date : 2018-05-18
ELKON is chosen for the third time by one of the largest Uzbek construction companies. Their first order of the MOBILE MASTER-60 Pegasus mobile concrete batching plant was realized in 2010. Since its operation, assured high quality of the equipment and the well coordinated work of the after-sales service, the group acquires the compact concrete plant ELKOMIX-135 Quick Master in 2016, demonstrating their satisfaction with the ELKON equipment. Having become one of the subcontractors for ...
Mobile Concrete Plants from ELKON for South Korean Giant, Hanwha E&C
Author : Elkon / Date : 2017-10-20
Hanwha, established in 1952, is one ofKorea’s top 10 business groups with 62 domestic affiliates and 80 affiliates worldwide. As a construction division of Hanwha group of companies, Hanwha E&C is carrying out many construction projects like tunnels, bridges, residential complexes, expressways, and etc. all around the world. Iraq is one of the countries where Hanwha E&C is running very important construction projects and the world’s largest residential project, ...
2 more ELKON Concrete Plants for AG DANGOTE
Author : Elkon / Date : 2017-10-16
Thanks to high quality products and service provided, ELKON has many loyal customers all around the world. African giant Dangote is one of them. When Dangote decided moving into road construction has joint ventured with Andrade-Gutierrez of Brasil and AG DANGOTE Construction Company was established. AG Dangote had ordered their first ELKON Concrete batching plant at that time and they constructed the hitherto deplorable 25 km. long Ibese-Itori road, as a corporate social ...
Where Excellence and Quality is Priority, there is ELKON
Author : Elkon / Date : 2017-03-01
The ready-mix company from Kuwait which admits ‘Excellence in Service & Quality’ as corporate priorities well knows that the batching plant is the most important equipment for them to reach excellence in quality. Within this respect, company has started to search for high quality concrete batching plant to increase their production capacity. ELKON which is a leader concrete batching plant producer in the market not only with the highest sales number to very wide ...
Choice of Seeking Reliability In EGYPT
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-06-29
Egyptian company who began its operation in 1971 has emerged as one of the most respected general contracting firms in Egypt. The companies’ activities entail all construction and development projects like Road & Bridges, Railways, Airports and Pure Water & Sewage Projects. As a result of the increasing number of projects carried out by the client which worth 200 million of Egyptian Pound only in this year, the company officials was in search of a Concrete Batching Plant ...
ELKON was Major Focus of BAUMA 2016
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-05-14
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants presented an exclusive overview of the product and service portfolio with its innovative products, inspired its visitors from all over the world at BAUMA 2016 in Munich-Germany. ELKON displayed advanced technologies that boost productivity and efficiency with its 3 different Concrete Batching Plants ELKOMIX-35 QUICK MASTER Compact Concrete Batching Plant, MOBILE MASTER -135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant and ELKON MIX MASTER-30 Mobile ...
Kazangula Bridge Connects Two Countries: Zambia – Botswana
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-04-15
Construction of the large Zambia’s Kazungula Bridge will have as its output the bridge, access roads and one stop border facilities. The work scope includes the construction of a road and rail bridge for a total length of 923 meters as well as approach ramps. The bridge will provide benefits including the integration of the economies served by the North South Corridor, it will reduce the transit time from 36 hours to two hours as well as of transportation costs, increased ...
Mega Projects are Rising with ELKON
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-04-11
Albania relies on hydropower for about 90% of its electricity production. The Okshtun Hydropower Project is currently the first large scale public-private-partnership investment in the country and one of the largest hydropower investments in the Balkans. Within this concept, MOBILE MASTER -135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant which is equipped with 4500/3000 l. Twinshaft mixer specially designed for RCC concrete production was supplied to our customer. The Mobile Concrete ...
You Are Invited To Visit Elkon Stand At Bauma Fair For Advanced Technology And Much More
Author : Elkon / Date : 2016-03-25
BAUMA, the world's largest construction machinery fair, 31 edition this year, opening its doors on April 11 in Munich, Germany. ELKON has been leading the industry by innovative products exhibited at BAUMA fair for many years. This year by exhibiting 3 different concrete batching plants and the latest innovations, ELKON is planing to draw all the attention again. ELKON, Europe’s leading concrete batching plant manufacturer with its impressive advanced technology production ...
2 Units Jaguar are Producing RCC Concrete for
Author : Elkon / Date : 2013-12-06
Dunes International Company which has completed many projects successfully, has preferred 2 units ELKON MOBILE MASTER-135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for the "WADI UMTI RECHARGE DAM" Project. RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) will be used in the construction of Umti Dam. With its powerful 4500/3000 l. Elkon Twinshaft Mixer, ELKON MOBILE MASTER-135 JAGUAR Mobile Concrete Batching Plants can produce 120 m3/hour vibrated concrete. These plants are with 2 units 150 tons ...
Kar Group Has Started to Produce Concrete for Their Several Projects in Northern Iraq with ELKON
Author : Elkon / Date : 2013-12-05
Kar Group Company is one of the biggest Oil & Gas and Engineering Company in Northern Iraq. Their head office is in Erbil and they have several Refinery, Electricty, Oil & Gas and pipeline projects in many cities of Northern Iraq such as Erbil, Kirkuk, Dohuk, etc. In the beginning of this year, two authorised people from Kar Group Company visited our Cherkezkoy factories to see our manufacturing quality and our products. After this visit, they were satisfied with our ...
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