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Author : Elkon / Date : 2015-04-01
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants - The Choice For The Giant Project Is: Elkon

Being one of the largest oil-gas field in the world and having 3.1 billion tons petrol reserve, Tenghiz oil-gas field is located in 350 km far away from Atyrau, Kazakhistan. The oil-gas field is now operated by TenghizChevroil Company which is founded between Kazakhistan government and Chevron (USA) Company in 1993.

TenghizChevroil, has decided to make 20 billion USD investment and has been started to work on the purpose of raise the gas transfer capacity to 9, 4 billion m³/year and oil drilling capacity to 12 million tons/year from Tengiz oil-gas field. Thanks to this investment, employment opportunity will be provided to 20.000 people and it is foreseen that the project will be completed within 5 years.

KJPV Limited Consortium (FLUOR -USA, WorleyParsons – Australia, KING –Kazakhistan, and KGNT -Kazakhistan) had prepared the Concrete Batching Plant’s conditions of contract and started to collect the quotations as of September 2013. The quotations from 6 different companies have been evaluated according to technical efficiency, quality management system & certification and manufacturing competence. After the consideration, ELKON's quotation has been selected as the best solution according to the contract conditions. Technical evaluation has been taken approximately 1 year.

The contract has been signed for 2 units ELKOMIX-120 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and 1 unit Elkon ERCYL-10 Concrete Recycling Plant to be used within this project in 2014. Elkon has completed the manufacturing of these concrete batching plants having so special features in 3 months only, which shows Elkon’s enormous production potential. Both plant and concrete recycling plant are going to be transported by 24 units Truck (TIR).

Supplied concrete batching plants have been designed according to cover all customer's special demands in technical terms. Having the capacity of producing 100-105 m³/h concrete, ELKOMIX-120 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with 4x30m³ aggregate storage silo, T-type aggregate weighing system which is double faster than the regular aggregate weighing system and 3000/2000 l. Twinshaft mixer which can be produced 2 m³ concrete at every batch. Moreover, each plant is equipped with 2 units 100 tons cement silo. Thanks to the adjustable specially equipped aggregate weighing hopper discharging gates, high aggregate weighing accuracy (Weighing tolerance is under ±%2 per batch and under ±%1 per production) has been provided. The weighing precision tolerance of cement, water and additive material is under ±1%. The plant is equipped with Siemens PLC reliable automation system, Siemens Touch Panel for the emergency situations and Control Board (Stand-by Control System) with manual buttons and weigh indicators.

The PC Software which is going to perform the concrete production has the ability to perform appropriate production which completely complies with EN-206-1 norms.

Cement silos has 2 different filling specifications. 1. Big-bag. 2. Bulk Cement Trailer. The system is completely isolated and equipped with aggregate and surround heating system which provides to produce concrete even in -30 °C cold weather. At the same time plant is equipped with chiller system which provide concrete production even in +45 °C hot weather during summer times without any quality loss.

On the other hand, Recycling Plant has been also supplied to prevent leaving waste material to the environment. Truckmixers has been washed by recycling unit and after decomposing the waste concrete by washing inside the recycling unit, the recycled aggregate and recycled water can be reused in concrete production. Recycling unit system has isolation system which can produce even in -30 °C cold weather too.

It must be recorded that, ELKON provided 2 units ELKOMIX-135 to ICHTHYS LNG project which performed with 34 billion USD in Australia in 2013 and 1 unit ELKOMIX-135 concrete batching plant to GAZPROM which is energy giant in Russia for 40 million USD pipe coating project in 2014 successfully. ELKON’s impression in Global projects is increasing in every passing year.


ELKON Concrete Batching Plants - The Choice For The Giant Project Is: Elkon
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants - The Choice For The Giant Project Is: Elkon
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