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Author : Elkon / Date : 2017-03-27
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants - New Plant for Clay and Concrete Production in Israel ELKON, which has a very wide product range along with tailor made and unique solutions for every region’s special requirements of concrete batching plant, supplied a specially equipped ELKOMIX-100 DRY Type Concrete Batching Plant to Israel recently.

One of the clay and ready-mix supplier company located near Haifa, has just started to produce concrete and clay with ELKON concrete batching plant.

The plant is equipped with 6x20 m³ aggregate storage silo which allows to store 6 kinds of aggregate or sand material. Aggregate loading is made by radial type automated aggregate feeding system supplied by ELKON. ELKON radial type automated aggregate feeding system consists of an aggregate loading hopper where agregate is firstly loaded and a transfer conveyor which can move on a radial line on the ground to load aggregate into the selected aggregate bin.
On the other hand, top of aggregate storage silo and truck mixer filling point is covered by trapeze sheets to protect the environment againts dust emmision. There is a filter as well at truckmixer loading point. Top of aggregate transfer conveyor and automated aggregate feeding system’s transfer belt is also closured by rain cover sheets in the conrete batching plant

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