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Author : Elkon / Date : 2018-06-27
New Country: SLOVENIA

A small country of Middle-Europe, Slovenia, hosts some of the most important routes in the region. Two Pan-European transport corridors intersect at Ljubljana. As transit traffic has always played an important role and as the traditional transport and trade routes are being reopened, there is a clear upswing in road and rail transport services.
An excellent track-record of Slovenian companies in this line of business coupled with modern transport infrastructure is a proven recipe for high-quality and cost-competitive services through Slovenia’s road and rail distribution network.

Since a strong industry requires a well-designed infrastructure and transportation, to meet this requirement, recently, one of the road contracting companies in Slovenia has decided to buy Elkomix-60 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant to maintain their operations.

Equipped with a 1500/1000 l. of capacity ELKON twin shaft Mixer, Elkomix-60 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant provides an efficient and comfortable concrete production to its users.
Apart from its easy use, easy and comfortable transportation also plays a great role in realization of this project. The modular design of ELKON Compact Concrete Batching Plant Series provides an easy transportation both on land and sea since they can fit easily in standard containers or trucks.

As ELKON, we are proud to announce that we added Slovenia to our export map with this project!

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