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Author : Elkon / Date : 2015-01-21
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants - ELKON is Connecting Kazakhstan to the World

Kazakhstan which is located in the center of the Asian continent has been making serious efforts and investments on behalf of having a modern transport infrastructure in recent years. In this context, studies are being carried out to integrate Kazakhstan to the European and Asian continents transport infrastructure systems.

This integration began to come alive with the Eastern Europe-East China Highway Project which was founded its fundamentals by mutual agreement of Russia and the European Union in 2008-2009. Eastern Europe-East China Highway Project is a road construction and reconstruction project which is passing through 3 countries and having a total length of 8455 km.

The 3425 km of this project pass through in China, 2787 km of this project pass through in Kazakhstan and 2233 km of this project pass through in the territory of Russia. The total cost of the Kazakhstan part of this project is 5.65 billion USD.

Different financial institutions have funded 3.5 billion dollars to Kazakhstan for this project. The largest portion of this funding which is 2.125 billion was provided by International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). This amount has the feature of being the highest funding provided to any country by IBRD and is the indicative of the confidence showed to Kazakhstan’s economy.

Works on the Kazakhstan side of the project was started in 2009 and still continue. When the climatic conditions of Kazakhstan are taken into consideration, the need to use concrete for constructing most of these highways has emerged.

Elkon has exported the first Concrete Batching Plant for Eastern Europe-East China Highway Projects in 2010 to BI Group which is Kazakhstan’s one of the biggest construction company.

Elkon has delivered and started up its 10th Concrete Batching Plant (ELKOMIX-180 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant) which will be used for this project in 2014.

In this project Italian, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Azerbaijani and Kazakhstani contracting companies take place. For this project, some different concrete batching plants brands were chosen and ELKON became the most preferred brand.

It is not possible to produce high quality RCC concrete quickly by Standard Ready-Mix Concrete Plants. The concrete batching plant, which is going to produce high quality RCC concrete, need to have some additional features. It is not easy to consider all these issues without having enough experience about manufacturing of concrete batching plants.

ELKOMIX-180 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant, which was started up recently for this project, has 130-140 m³/h RCC concrete production capacity. It is aimed the production of almost zero slump concrete and this requires high production precision.

For this reason, the weighing of aggregate is made up with specific applications to provide high weighing accuracy and concrete production software is being operated with different algorithms. Except for this, water weighing system is provided with applications to permit making corrections in case of the necessity.

Moreover, it should be proved with production passport which obtains high accuracy weighing in each cycle. Thanks to the new concrete production software, if the customer needs, 160-170 m3/h ready-mix concrete can be produced after transforming production algorithm.

ELKOMIX-180 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant has 4x30 m³ aggregate bunker and T type aggregate weighing hopper, weighed material by the transfer conveyor is filled into the aggregate holding hopper which provides continuous cycle of the material.

All the required scales take place above the mixer to weigh cement, water and additive with high precision. It has 6750/4500 l. ELKON Twinshaft Mixer and 2 units 150 tons cement silos. The plant has Siemens PLC based robust automation system.

In ELKON Concrete Batching Plants, automatic concrete production can be made both by Siemens Touch Panel or Computer, manual concrete production can be made by control panel.

Special concrete production program provides both RCC concrete and ready mix concrete production.

The success of ELKON in Kazakhstan is not limited only by road projects. ELKON is the leader in the Kazakhstan market with the concrete batching plants by providing to the ready-mix, petrochemical, variety of industrial and prefabricated concrete element projects.

EELKON Concrete Batching Plants - ELKON is Connecting Kazakhstan to the World
ELKON Concrete Batching Plants - ELKON is Connecting Kazakhstan to the World
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