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Author : Elkon / Date : 2018-05-18

ELKON is chosen for the third time by one of the largest Uzbek construction companies. Their first order of the MOBILE MASTER-60 Pegasus mobile concrete batching plant was realized in 2010. Since its operation, assured high quality of the equipment and the well coordinated work of the after-sales service, the group acquires the compact concrete plant ELKOMIX-135 Quick Master in 2016, demonstrating their satisfaction with the ELKON equipment. Having become one of the subcontractors for the big project of Tashkent City, the company has ordered without any hesitation ELKON MOBILE MASTER-135 Jaguar mobile concrete batching plant.

The Tashkent City project is one of the largest project in the history of the country. It will be located in the center of the capital on an area of 80 hectares, where it is estimated to build 1.75 million m² of buildings with shopping malls, business centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes and car parks. The project also includes the construction of 16-hectare parks and an artificial lake of 2 hectares. As a part of the project, it is estimated the construction of the banking avenue and "the reconstructed avenue of the former Tashkent". The cost of the project is over $ 1 billion. For the realization of City projects, numerous national and foreign architectural companies took part, including the loyal customer of ELKON.

The customer opted for the mobile plant because it is very easy to move from one site to another thanks to its chassis with axles and tires. The second concrete plant according to its capacity, the MOBILE MASTER-135 Jaguar is already shipped to the country to produce 110 m3 of concrete / h thanks to its powerful mixer of 4500/3000 l. The plant is equipped with 4 cement silos of 150 tons each with silotop filters, while the sand hoppers are equipped with moisture probes to make it possible to adjust the water fed into the mixer. The plant is also equipped with the aggregate loading system which avoids the construction of a ramp and makes the plant even more mobile.

The Tashkent City project will be the new turning point for Uzbekistan's infrastructure and economy. There is no question of the quality and reliability of the equipment used for the realization of strategic projects of this magnitude. Becoming a supplier for the third time and for such a project means the recognition of ELKON as a supplier of high quality equipment and reliable partner. This MOBILE MASTER-135 Jaguar is not the only ELKON concrete plant that will be used in the project. This project foresees the use of other ELKON concrete batching plants from the various subcontractors. Customer confidence is fundamental, so improving products and services is very important for the supplier who is proud to be part of a major project in Uzbekistan.

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