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Author : Elkon / Date : 2019-03-27
Elkomix-240 and JAGUAR concrete plants for Pacific Highway Project, Australia”

VINCI Group, one of the world's leading construction companies merged with SEYMOUR WHYTE CONSTRUCTION in 2017, which was founded by John Seymour and Garry Whyte in 1987.

Seymour Whyte Construction, which has pioneered the construction of lots of bridges, roads, infrastructures and many other important projects since its establishment, has added the Pacific Highway Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B) improvement project to its resume.

The project involves upgrading the motorway to the Class M or Class A standard, with 155 kilometers length, nine intersections, more than 170 bridges and more than 350 junction structures. This project, with a total cost of $ 4.3 billion, is Australia's largest regional infrastructure project. The project to upgrade Pacific Road from Woolgoolga to Ballina (W2B) is Australia's largest regional public infrastructure project and is the country's first Delivery Partner supply model. The project is to convert a 155-kilometer road to a four-lane road on the Pacific Highway. The renovation will start from 6 kilometers north of Woolgoolga and will finish at approximately 6 kilometers south of Ballina.

ELKON, as the equipment supplier of very important projects in Australia, has become the solution partner of SEYMOUR WHYTE CONSTRUCTION in this project. Seymour Whyte Construction ordered 1 unit ELKOMIX-240 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and 1 unit ELKON Mobile Master-135 Jaguar Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for this huge project. ELKOMIX-240 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant with production capacity of 240 m3 per hour is equipped with 9000/6000l. BHS Twinshaft mixer and automatic washing system. To reach the highest capacity for such a high capacity mixer, rapid mixer feeding technology is developed and applied to this batching plant.  4 different materials can be stored in 4x30 m3 Aggregate Bunker with automatic aggregate pre-feeding system which can be controlled by remote controller. This special concrete plant with two units of 150 tons of cement silo is augmented with ultrasonic aggregate bunker level indicator and aggregate bunker top cameras.

The other concrete batching plant ordered for this gigantic project is ELKON Mobile Master-135 with production capacity of 110 m3 concrete per hour and is equipped with ELKON 4500/3000l. Twinshaft mixer. It is also equipped with movable concrete unloading chute to feed both truck mixers and trucks. 4x22,5 m3 aggregate bunker of this plant would be filled with 4 different material aggregate bunker with the help of remote controllable automatic pre-feeding system. The main unit of ELKON Mobile Master-135 Jaguar mobile concrete batching plant offers easy transportation advantage and can be transported with only one truck trailer, thanks to its special design.

Both concrete plants which are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian standards have recently started to produce concrete.

In this project, which has started in 2015, 60% of the work has been completed and it has reached the concrete pouring stage.  In this site, thousands of mof concrete will be produced and we are proud to be the supplier of concrete batching plant of Vinci Company for this remarkable project.
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