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Author : Elkon / Date : 2018-12-17
The installation of ELKOMIX-135 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant in an area close to the Austrian border for the Hungarian construction company for their ongoing construction project is in progress. This project is the construction of the 2nd phase of M85 motorway project, which is European Union-funded. The plant is equipped with winter covering that enables the production of concrete even in heavy winter conditions.

The M85 motorway crossing the M1 junction connecting Budapest and Vienna is part of the European E65 road, which begins in Malmö, Sweden and ends in Chaniá on the Greek island of Crete. In this context, the motorway project, which plays an important role in Hungary's access to central Europe, will reduce traffic congestion in the region, shorten journey duration and help alleviate the burden of road transport in this destination.

This Hungarian company has chosen ELKON concrete plant in order to provide high quality, on time and nonstop concrete for this important project of constructing 21.8 km portion of the 88 km long motorway between the cities of Felsirákos-Sopron and Sopran-Nagylózs.

In fact, the cooperation of this company with ELKON started at 2015 and the meeting of this company that was undertaking the bypass section of the 8 highway (M8) project supported by the EU with ELKON quality started with this project back in those days. The company is very satisfied with the quality of the ELKON concrete batching plant and the service provided for the successful implementation of the project.

In general, both concrete batching plants have the same configuration equipped with 4500/3000 l. ELKON Twinshaft Mixers that have 120m³/h concrete production capacity and offer easy installation and easy transportation thanks to their compact design. The 6x20m³ aggregate bins in both concrete mixing plants allow the storage of 6 different aggregates to be used in the special concrete mixture required by the project.

One of the most important features of the new concrete batching plant established for the Hungarian company is that it enables the production of continuous concrete in all weather conditions down to -30°C. In this context, the concrete batching plant is closed with completely insulated panels. Aggregate heating system with steam generator and aggregate heating pipes along with automated cover over aggregate bunker are included.  

Since the slightest delay in concrete production due to the weather conditions means pausing the project, all necessary measures have been taken into account in order to continue the concrete production even in very cold weather.
ELKON has been successfully building concrete plants all over Europe e.g, from Germany to France, from England to Portugal and from Hungary to the Netherlands etc. Regardingly, this continues to make more happy customers and boost ELKON’s reputation in the market.

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