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3000 Concrete Batching Plants Over 110 Countries in 6 Continents

Author : Elkon / Date : 2018-06-25
3rd Concrete Pipe Coating Project Completed in Egypt

Another success in the field of realization of the specialized projects is the startup of the 3rd ELKON concrete batching plant for the application of heavy concrete coating on pipes.
To carry out this outstanding project in Egypt, ELKON's objective was to design, manufacture, deliver and mount the specially designed Elkomix-150 stationary concrete batching plant with actual production capacity up to 260 t/h of high strength and high density concrete of 3400 kg/m3.

Concrete with such high density and corrosion resistance is used for application on metal body pipes, which are subsequently used for the construction and repair of submerged pipes. This production unit is a chain of integrated facilities, where the concrete plant has a crucial role; because the quality of the produced concrete directly affects the quality of the final product. ELKON engineers have set up a system based on stationary concrete plant where all the additional units interact in harmony with each other, ensuring a continuous concrete production process. The concrete batching plant provides a comprehensive automated system for aggregates feeding, including vibrating screens to ensure the highest quality of materials and the aggregate distribution system using a shuttle conveyor. The key unit of the Elkomix-150 is a 6000/4000 l twin shaft mixer with powerful motors, reinforced arms, special mixing paddles instead of standard paddles, which is designed for heavy and hard concrete, is a patented ELKON design.

To ensure the control of the mixture, the mixer is equipped with a concrete sampling device. The produced concrete is transferred to the concrete pipe production unit with a transfer system, which consists of a hopper under the mixer and a conveyor. The important task of integrating the concrete batching plant into the system in terms of automation and software has been accomplished at the highest level and the entire production unit functions as a single entity. Note that this Elkomix-150 was designed similar to the concrete plants installed at sites in Russia and India, of which effectiveness have been proven over several years of intensive operation.

ELKON's proven engineering is implemented in every new project through technical improvement in every detail. While taking the actual production tasks of the customer into account, ELKON offers the best solutions and industrial innovations to guarantee the continuous production. ELKON is indeed recognized as the only supplier of high-tech equipment in concrete market through continuous work in the field of innovation development for the best optimization of the equipment operation.

3rd Concrete Pipe Coating Project Completed in Egypt
3rd Concrete Pipe Coating Project Completed in Egypt
3rd Concrete Pipe Coating Project Completed in Egypt


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